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Maywood Park Harness Racing

Maywood Park racetrack is a half-mile harness racing track in Maywood, Illinois that offers harness racing practically the whole year, punctuated only by intermittent breaks. It is located 10 miles south of O'Hare and 17 miles from the Chicago Loop.

Maywood Park Racetrack Facts

Track Shape : Oval
Track Length : Half-mile
Width of Stretches : 77 feet
Homestretch Length : 594 feet
Speed Rating : v2:003
Standing Start Positions : 8
Track Seating Capacity : 13,900
Clubhouse Seating Capacity : 6,000
Grandstand Seating Cap : 2,900
Grandstand Total Capacity : 10,847
Racing Types : Harness
Track Opened : 1946

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Maywood Park's Special Stakes

Maywood Park racetrack has regularly played host to special harness racing stakes and series that have significance throughout the county, the state and the Midwest. Among the more prominent ones that have been held at Maywood Park racetrack are:

  • Taurus Bomber Stake
  • Direct Balance Stake
  • Spring Championship
  • Cook County Pace
  • ISOBA Stake
  • Fox Valley Redhot Series Final
  • Pacific Series Final
  • Big Dog Final
  • Newcomers Series Final

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